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                  Anping huana wire mesh products Co., Ltd.

                  Product introduction

                  Dedusting filter cartridge

                  According to the structural analysis of dust removal filter cartridge, it is made of filter cloth (needle felt, spinning cloth, linen, Spunlaced felt) and paper filter element. Both ends are made of metal and plastic, the connecting part is made of rubber pad, and some filter elements are protected by stainless steel mesh

                  The main function of the dust removal filter cartridge is: it is fixed inside the dust collector to retain the dust contained in the air inhaled by the fan, so as to purify the dust gas. Therefore, the filter element is in direct contact with dust and gas, which is related to the purification effect. Therefore, the filter element of the dust collector needs to select the appropriate filter element material according to the characteristics of the dust. According to the specific process requirements, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, moisture resistance, anti-static and fire prevention are required.

                  The filtering area of the dust removal filter cartridge refers to the effective area of the filter material on the filter cartridge. The higher the cost, the better the filtering effect. However, if the filter cartridge is too high, it is difficult to remove dust. Now the world's long filter element is usually 2 meters long.

                  According to the formula:

                  A = l × two × n × M, where a is the filtration area, m; L is the folding depth of filter paper, m; N is the number of folds; M is the effective height of the filter cartridge. For example, if the effective height M = 0.6 m, l = 0.04 m, fold depth and fold number n = 150, then the filter area of the filter element = 0.04 × two × one hundred and fifty × 0.6, and the area of the useful filter element is 7.2 square meters.

                  Product pictures


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