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                  Two common types of stainless steel filter core performance characteristics and cleaning methods are introduced

                       Speaking of stainless steel filter products, we are also very familiar with some simple filter products in daily life. Today, we are going to learn about the two types of filters commonly used in the industry, Huana Small Ribbon, Anping, stainless steel folding filter and stainless steel sintered screen filter, then two commonly used types of stainless steel filter performance characteristics and cleaning methods, let us understand it together. First of all, the cleaning methods of stainless steel folding filter core stainless steel folding filter core cleaning methods are as follows: 1, ultrasonic cleaning method through the Longitudinal wave to act on the cleaning fluid, so that a certain number of small enough vacuum bubble, these vacuum bubbles can not withstand the pressure will burst, depending on the impact of the stainless steel filter to achieve the flushing. Backwashing is sometimes called backwashing, and it uses inert gases, such as nitrogen, to backwash the stainless steel filter in the opposite direction. Solution cleaning the stainless steel filter element is soaked in 5% sodium hydroxide solution or nitric acid solution for 1 hour. The soaking time can be prolonged or shortened according to the degree of contamination of the stainless steel filter element, then dry the filter element with clean air.

                        The two stainless steel filter elements have the following characteristics: 1: good filtration performance (0.5 ~ 200μm) ; 2: Stable Shape, components with higher strength; 3: High Temperature (higher can work in 900 ° C environment) ; 4: Corrosion Resistance; 5: Impact Ah, high alternating load; 6: Permeability, separation effect is good; 7: backwashing effect is good, components easy regeneration and other sinter Mesh filter specifications general products can be made into tubular, sheet, plate or cone of sintered metal powder products, it can be welded or sintered with various interfaces as required. The common sizes are Φ30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,140 mm, the length can be from 100 to 1500 mm, larger than 1500 mm can be welded, special specifications can be customized. There are many kinds of alloy materials in sintered screen filter element, including: 1: Stainless Steel (304L, 316L) ; 2: Titanium and its alloy; 3: Nickel Alloy; 4: Monel (Ni-cu Alloy) ; 5: Inconel (Ni-Cr-Fe Alloy) ; 6: ferro-aluminum Alloy; 7: Hastelly B, C, x; 8: Other special materials. SINTER screen filter is widely used in petrochemical industry, chemical industry, fine chemical industry, coal chemical industry, food and beverage industry, nuclear power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, etc. . It is especially suitable for the following applications: 1: Catalyst Filtration; 2: Filtration of Liquid and Gas; 3: Recovery and filtration of Mother Liquor in PTA Production; 4: Filtration in Food and Beverage; 5: Boiling Vaporization Bed; 6: Liquid Canister Bubble; 7: flame-retardant and flame-proof; 8: Balance, Damping Airflow; 9: Sensor Probe Protection; 10: Pneumatic Equipment Filtration, noise suppression; 11: Fly Ash Treatment; 12: Powder Industry Gas uniformity and pneumatic transmission. These are the two common types of stainless steel filter performance characteristics and cleaning methods, the article from the stainless steel filter http://www.huanawl.com without permission is strictly prohibited.