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                  Why customers reflect the purchase of some manufacturers of stainless steel filter life is very short

                       In recent years, all about the use of stainless steel filters, there are always consumers complain about the poor quality of stainless steel filters, and eventually we continue to reflect that the common fault is poor filtering performance, low corrosion resistance, and Mesh surface break, these problems will directly affect the factory's normal consumption. Stainless steel filter has decades of history, some manufacturers of the enterprise image is good, consumers think, these manufacturers of products, at least quality is no problem. But on the contrary, in recent years in the filtration performance, corrosion resistance, Mesh surface fracture quality problems, are some poor manufacturers of products. Many consumers in the purchase of stainless steel filter screen, always in the product price, product brightness, error parameters and so on to stop comparison, but neglect the quality of products. As far as a stainless steel filter is concerned, the quality of the product should be the most important, even if the product's tensile performance is good, how can the flat surface again the current stainless steel filter market, choosing a reliable stainless steel filter screen is really not easy. To analyze the current situation, there are two ways to choose a reliable product: First, look, do not buy a new stainless steel filter for the time being, and wait for a period of time, after the product quality evaluation to purchase; the second way, see more about stainless steel filter, after all, there are many can reflect the real situation of the user, look for a period of time will be the result. Want good quality stainless steel filter products, as far as possible to choose the brand of regular manufacturers, product quality assurance. Products from stainless steel filter http://www.huanagl.com without permission is strictly prohibited.