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                  How to keep the surface of stainless steel wire mesh embossed bright

                        In the passivation film on the surface of Stainless Steel Mesh, the weak part of corrosion resistance is formed pitting reaction because of self-excited reaction, which forms small holes, and the chloride ion is close to it, which forms a strong corrosive solution and speeds up the corrosion reaction. There is also intergranular corrosion cracking in stainless steel, all of these, on the surface of Stainless Steel Mesh passivation film damage. Therefore, the stainless steel surface must be regularly cleaned and maintained in order to adhere to its gorgeous surface and extend service life. When cleaning the stainless steel surface must pay attention to do not produce surface scratch phenomenon, prevent the use of bleaching ingredients and abrasive scrub fluid, steel ball, grinding things, etc. , to remove the scrub fluid, at the end of washing and then use clean water to wash the surface of people's daily life and stainless steel is closely related to the use of stainless steel mesh with the economic development has become more widespread. But many people do not know much about the performance of stainless steel, stainless steel protection and maintenance know even less that many people think that stainless steel is never rust. In fact, stainless steel corrosion resistance is good. The reason is that there is a passivating film on the surface, which in nature is in the form of a more stable oxide, which means that stainless steel, although it is oxidized at different levels depending on the conditions under which it is used, will eventually be oxidized, this phenomenon is often called corrosion. Weak Scrub agent or warm water scrub; stainless steel surface trademark, film, Stainless Steel Mesh surface with dust and dirt removal of ble soap. Wash with warm water, weak scrub agent, adhesive ingredients, using alcohol or organic solvents (ether, benzene) wipe.

                         Stainless steel surface oil, oil, oil pollution, with a soft cloth wipe clean, after using neutral scrub agent or ammonia solution or use a special scrub agent clean, immediately washed with water; stainless steel surface bleach and a variety of acid adhesion. Then with ammonia solution or neutral soda water solution, with neutral scrub agent or warm water scrub. In short, how to keep the surface of stainless steel wire mesh embossed bright, without our maintenance and maintenance, the article is from the wire Mesh http://www.huanawl.com without permission.