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                  Sterilizing basket-hospital sterilizing basket-sterilizing net basket-filter net basket

                         Disinfection basket also known as: Hospital Disinfection Basket, disinfection basket net basket basket, net basket basket filter. Product Material: Galvanized Iron Mesh, Copper Mesh, Aluminum Mesh, Steel Mesh, stainless steel mesh, stainless steel etched Mesh, stainless steel punching Mesh, metal plate, metal wire. Production Process: according to the drawings or data provided by customers. We can produce any kind of style, specification and craft. Surface Treatment: dipping, polishing, galvanizing, chrome plating. Anping Warner filter custom-made all kinds of disinfection net basket net basket, use: a variety of substances such as oil, water, dust, chemical substances. FEATURES: Smooth surface, no rust, corrosion resistance, beautiful, durable. Non-toxic, health, environmental protection. We always adhere to the quality of real touch, professional ability to go further! Buy strainer basket, choose an Ping Warner (www.huanagl.com ) .