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                  Pressure filter screen-pressure filter screen-stainless steel filter fan-coal washing plate screen

                      Stainless steel filter fan, pressure filter fan, pressure filter fan professional manufacturer-anping Huana Wire Mesh Products Co. , Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel filter fan | pressure filter fan | pressure filter www.huanagl.com , product design precision, excellent sealing performance, good air permeability, fast filtration. The material of pressure filter fan is high quality stainless steel. Apply to 60-120m2 pressure filter. Can also be based on user requirements design and production. Standard Settings Jin filter press, Haijiang filter press, Zhongda belette filter press, take-off filter press, hengda filter press, Hangzhou filter press, Yuzhou filter press, etc. . Why can filter filter press be widely used in coal washing industry? Mainly because of product characteristics 1, take off cake fast, high output without knife, protection filter cloth, without blowing, and energy-saving, long life, low moisture, is the ordinary filter fan, plastic filter fan, aluminum filter fan, stainless steel aluminum plate replacement products. 2. The new stainless steel filter fan does not need manual help to unload the cake, greatly improving the Labor intensity of the operation. 3, the product design is accurate, the sealing performance is excellent, the permeability is good, the filtering speed is fast. 4. The new side beam lower mouth is small, the protection filter cloth, the service life is long, the old side beam lower mouth is big, most easy to tie down the filter cloth. The new type big head is made into no angle to protect the filter cloth. The old-fashioned big head has horns, and under the action of vacuum, it is easy to tie the filter cloth bad. Different.