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                  Drying machine and air drying using stainless steel screen increased efficiency

                       China is the origin of tea, is the world's first discovery and use of tea country. Long history of tea production, vast tea production area, many varieties of tea, rich mining experience, profound drinking art, is unique in the world. The original drying of bamboo are built, inconvenient and inconvenient, therefore, the variety of Chinese tea, the method of making skillful, excellent quality, shape of the United States, flavor is good, are not comparable to other countries. With the development of technology, more and more stainless steel screens are widely used in drying and drying products. Multiple layers are stacked to increase the efficiency. Stainless steel screens are widely used for drying tea leaves and for drying fruits and vegetables, the specification number is various, may carry on the selection according to the drying different product, the stainless steel material quality guaranteed the product safety.