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                  The reason why stainless steel sintered screen filter element is used in high precision filter media

                  We are manufacturing in the industrial filter, often used sinter screen products, so high-precision filter media are mostly used stainless steel sinter screen filter reason? Today Warner small braided belt we come together to understand the characteristics of stainless steel sintered screen filter to understand the reasons. Sintered stainless steel mesh filter element is a new type of filter material, using multi-layer stainless steel wire mesh after a special laminated pressed. The sinter screen filter element is made by vacuum sintering, which has high mechanical strength and overall hardness. The interlaced meshes of each layer of the sintered screen filter element produced by our company form a good filtering structure. And the SINTER screen filter element has the advantage which the metal screen can not compare with, in the actual work may according to the need to the material void size as well as the permeability performance and the strength to carry on the reasonable adjustment, therefore, the filtering degree of the sintered screen filter element is more accurate, and the wear resistance and heat resistance of the sintered screen filter element are increased by using the stainless steel design. The overall performance is far superior to other types of filter materials.

                  SINTER screen filter element with excellent counter-current cleaning effect surface structure, cleaning up is more convenient. Therefore, the stainless steel sintered screen filter is widely used in a variety of high-precision and high-temperature reliable filter materials, in addition to stainless steel sintered screen filter can be used as a high-temperature environment in the dispersed cooling material, the effect is good. Generally used for dispersing cooling materials in high temperature environment. In addition, Sinter Mesh filter element has strong plasticity, can be welded according to needs, processing into any shape, with good filtering accuracy, in addition, sinter screen filter can also be used as high-precision and high-reliability, high-temperature filter materials, because of its good corrosion resistance, so the use of a wide range of industries is indispensable filter equipment. This is why most of the high-precision filter media are made of sintered stainless Steel Mesh. This article is from the http://www.huanawl.com reprint.