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                  Several common cleaning precautions of tubular stainless steel filter element

                        Today for you to introduce stainless steel filter in addition to backwash, there are several commonly used cleaning methods which are the main? The stainless steel filter element is a kind of barrel element used for filtering, which is generally divided into the cylinder used for filtering the gas medium and the liquid medium. The utility model belongs to a surface filtering element, which is used to block the granular matter in the gas by using the tiny air permeable tissue formed on the surface of the filtering material. In general, there are 5 cases and cleaning methods: 1. If there is dust on the surface of the stainless steel filter, it can be washed with soap or warm water. 2. If there's grease on the surface. Oil. Oil, etc. , can be used to scrub alcohol, etc. . 3. If there are iridescence marks on the surface, it is due to the excessive use of hard objects in the use of detergent, washing in warm water with a neutral detergent can be removed; 4. If the surface of the stainless steel filter is rusting due to dirt, it can be cleaned with detergent; 5. If there is a bleach or acid on the surface, should be immediately washed with water, in the neutral soda water solution, and Wash with warm water. The above are several common barrel stainless steel filter cleaning notes, in addition stainless steel filter is a variety of styles, we can be customized according to your needs for processing.